Whitening Series

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    Peptide Moisturizing Serum 120ml

    • Features

      • High density hyaluronic acid, deeply moisturizes the skin, and lifts skin’s water-locking ability!
      • Helps firm the skin, along with other moisturizing ingredients, can speed up the firming effect
      • Watery, small molecules, can decrease wrinkles, regulate the skin, and make it nourished!

      Delays aging, improves fine lines, makes the skin soft, smooth, and bright

    NT$2,200 NT$700

    GHK-Cu Essence Cream 35ml


    • Whitening, makes the skin white, crystal, and bright
    • Anti-wrinkle, anti-aging! Makes the skin fully moisturized, and lifts moisturizing ability!
    • Assists in skin’s repairing, and repairs aging traces from inside to outside
    • Moisturizes, repairs , lightens fine lines, boosts elasticity, and improves slackness
    NT$3,800 NT$500