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Youth Cream 30ml

  • Features

    • Contains 14% Chinese yam, pueraria mirifica extract, pomegranate extract can activate old skin cell, moisturize and increase skin’s elasticity.
    • Can anti-aging, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, firm and tighten the skin of breasts.
    • Let the skin of breasts firm, smooth, and moisturize!
    • Highly-extracted essence, maintaining the skin of the face, shoulders, clavicle, and breasts, make your skin more firm, elastic, and smooth!
NT$2,600 NT$1,280
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Age Freezing Cream 30ml


  • Ingredients are all natural extracts, zero-burden beauty
  • Dipeptide can reduce fine lines, firms, increases skin’s elasticity, makes it youthful again
  • Firms pores, moisturizes, nourishes the skin, lightens fine lines and wrinkles, repairs the skin, purifies pores, decreases the chance of blackheads from happening
  • Can effectively regulate aged skin with fine lines, anti-wrinkles, refills collagen, makes the skin watery, tender, moisturized, increases firmness and elasticity
NT$2,600 NT$1,100
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Gumbo Hexapeptide-3 Essence 15ml

Beauty effects

Intensifies anti-wrinkle effect, anti-aging, repairs the skin, reverses skin’s age, vitalizes the skin, firms and lifts the skin.

NT$4,800 NT$700
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