Gold Leaf Series

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    Gold Leaf Exfoliating Gel 100ml

    Product features:

    Able to dilute the signs of aging and restore smooth and bright skin.

    Able to tighten pores. Mild, natural materials significantly effective with dullness or roughness problems and difficulty applying makeup.

    Dedicated to aging skin, actively challenges the signs of aging, so that you can always maintain compact skin, maintain youthful beauty. Skin care products developed specifically for mature skin.

    Addition of hand-made food grade gold leaf from the historic Japanese royal family.

    Anti-aging, firms skin, even after makeup, moist, so that the skin is not shiny, but is smooth and delicate.

    NT$2,200 NT$1,960

    微導入金箔化妝水 100ml

    • 商品特色
      • 「100ml」全新升級配方添加SYN-AKE、擬鹿角靈芝等多效抗老成分,為肌膚注入活化因子,啟動修復機制,賦活新生美肌,嚴選日本皇室御用金箔,傳承三百零七年歷史的舞妓印金箔。 舒緩、保濕、撫紋、抗老漸進式保養,溫和呵護熟齡肌,給您最備受寵愛的護膚體驗。 揮別乾燥粗糙、細紋和黯沉,水潤Q彈,連肌底都像喝飽了水!
    • 銷售重點
      • 「Made in Japan」頂級的黃金保養術
    NT$3,800 NT$1,960

    Micro Gold Leaf Beauty Essence 55ml


    • Locks water and moisturizes
    • Whitens and activates the skin
    • Brightens the skin
    • Improves roughness of the skin
    • Restores elasticity of the skin
    • Reduces the fine lines
    • Firms the skin
    NT$3,800 NT$1,960