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Youth Cream 30ml


  • Contains 14% Chinese yam, pueraria mirifica extract, pomegranate extract can activate old skin cell, moisturize and increase skin’s elasticity.
  • Can anti-aging, reduce fine lines, wrinkles, firm and tighten the skin of breasts.
  • Let the skin of breasts frim, smooth, and moisturize!
  • Highly-extracted essence, maintaining the skin of the face, shoulders, clavicle,and breasts, make your skin more firm, elastic, and smooth!
NT$2,600 NT$1,200

Micro Gold Leaf Toner 100ml

  • Soothing, moisturizing, wrinkle-removing, anti-aging progressive care, gentle care for mature skin, giving you the most loving skin care experience.
  • Combines a variety of moisturizing ingredients, moisturizes all layers of skin, opens the skin for endless water storage. Bid farewell to dry rough, fine lines and dullness. Soft and moist, even the bottom layers of skin are full of moisture!
NT$3,800 NT$1,580

Micro Gold Leaf Beauty Essence 55ml

Features of the Micro Gold Leaf Essence

  • Provides water and beauty ingredients to the skin, helps create firm and moisturized skin
  • Goes down deep to the corneous layer to moisturize and baby the skin, boosts the moisture of the skin, makes the skin clear, fine, and brighter
  • Makes the skin smooth, firm, activated, can effectively fight wrinkles and delay aging
  • Helps to form firm, elastic, moisturized skin, also helps whiten the skin and reduce the fine lines
NT$3,800 NT$1,580

Micro Gold Leaf Eye Gel 30ml

  • Gold secrets, fresh skin firming, fully moisturizing dry eyes, smoothing fine lines, adding a charming style for the skin around your eyes!
  • Uses full-effect concentrated essence, fast absorption, non-sticky, ingredients directly repair and nourish skin. It is a fast and effective full effects eye gel, solving the problem of eye aging.
NT$3,800 NT$1,580

Micro Gold Leaf Mask & Massage Cream 100ml

  • The priority in whitening the skin in summer is moisturizing it. It can immediately smooth the skin and give the skin pure gold protection that is rich but not sticky!
  • Combats the times, fights against aging! Brings back the youth glory again!
  • With the brand new ingredient, Ganoderma amboinense extract, it locks the water in the skin, fights wrinkles, drives away dullness to make the youth glamour alive again!
  • Handmade edible gold leaf of over 300 years of history is added.
NT$3,800 NT$1,580

Gold Leaf Exfoliating Gel 100ml

Product features:

Able to dilute the signs of aging and restore smooth and bright skin.

Able to tighten pores. Mild, natural materials significantly effective with dullness or roughness problems and difficulty applying makeup.

Dedicated to aging skin, actively challenges the signs of aging, so that you can always maintain compact skin, maintain youthful beauty. Skin care products developed specifically for mature skin.

Addition of hand-made food grade gold leaf from the historic Japanese royal family.

Anti-aging, firms skin, even after makeup, moist, so that the skin is not shiny, but is smooth and delicate.

NT$2,200 NT$900

Gold Leaf Honey Repairing Soap 100g

  • Five main features:

    1.32% honey, balances oil, vitalizes, and promotes the renewal of the skin

    2. Foamy and delicate foam can penetrate pores, effectively clean out the dirt

    3. After using it, the skin is pure, bright, light, soft, moisturized but not tense, crystal clear, revealing youthful glamour

    4. Helps regulate skin texture, cleans up oil, makes the skin stay moisturized and soft for a long time, and gets back to healthy skin texture when oil and water are balanced

    5. Repairs, moisturizes, regulates, cleans, soothes, and vitalizes the skin

NT$1,600 NT$999

Gold Leaf Herbal Essence Beauty Soap 100g

6 Main Features:

  1. The creamy and fine foam can penetrate the pores, effectively cleans the dirt, so it’s your best choice when it comes to cleaning the skin!
  2. Natural and comfortable herbal ingredients are used without any fragrances, and it’s suitable for all the skin types, even the sensitive skin.
  3. It soothes and regulates the skin, balances oil, vitalizes, promotes the renewal the skin, deeply repairs, making the skin healthy and refined.
  4. Food grade gold leaf is added, and several kinds of beneficial high-class moisturizing herbal essence are also added.
  5. Essences enhance skin beautifying effect, making the skin look younger, brighter, firmer, and more elastic.
  6. Moisturizes, repairs, soothes, cleans, and regulates the skin.
NT$1,600 NT$999

Gold Leaf Repairing Soap 100g


  • The soft and fine foam can deeply cleans the skin of the face and body while cleaning away aged keratin and improving dullness, making it crystal, transparent and bright
  • Promotes metabolism of the skin, deeply repairs, making the skin healthy and refined
  • With precious gold leaf and Roman chamomile essence oil added in the soap, locks youth, cleans and moisturizes
  • Helps regulate skin condition, balances skin oil, and keeps the skin moisturized for a long time
  • Vitalizes, repairs, soothes, moisturizes, cleans, and conditions the skin
NT$1,000 NT$599

Gold Leaf Moisturizing Soap 100g


  • It’s rich in several kinds of moisturizing, repairing, vitalizing, and nourishing essence. It nourishes the skin, keeps and locks the water, prevents dryness, roughness, making the skin vibrant, tender, delicate, and restores elasticity. 
  • The soft and fine foam has the prefect cleaning ability. It deeply cleans the skin on the face and body while purifying the skin, making it crystal and bright.
  • Natural herbal oil, zero animal fat. It soothes and regulates the skin, balances oil, deeply cleans, making the skin healthy and glamourous.
  • Natural herbal cleaning ingredient, golden ratio, effectively cleans, purifies the skin, locks water, the special Permanent herbal essential oils have an extraordinary skin beautifying effect, making the skin younger, brighter, firmer, and more elastic.
  • Vitalizing, repairing, soothing, moisturizing, cleaning, and regulating
NT$1,000 NT$599

Age Freezing Cream 30ml


  • Ingredients are all natural extracts, zero-burden beauty
  • Dipeptide can reduce fine lines, firms, increases skin’s elasticity, makes it youthful again
  • Firms pores, moisturizes, nourishes the skin, lightens fine lines and wrinkles, repairs the skin, purifies pores, decreases the chance of blackheads from happening
  • Can effectively regulate aged skin with fine lines, anti-wrinkles, refills collagen, makes the skin watery, tender, moisturized, increases firmness and elasticity
NT$2,600 NT$1,280

Whitening Tonic 100ml

  • Features

    • Deeply repairs the skin, intensifies keratin, improves skin’s vibrancy, and recovers its youthful elasticity
    • Makes the skin recover to its best status, and naturally reveals watery and tender glamour!
    • Highly effective moisturizing ingredients can penetrate the skin, and create natural water-locking ability for the skin
    • Delays aging of the skin
    • Highly absorbent, whitens, purifies, and moisturizes the skin

    Good assistant in wet wraps, makes the skin moisturized, bright, smooth, and crystal!

NT$2,200 NT$900