Privacy Policy

Privacy statement

Mulakami is run by MULAKAMI INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD Please pay attention on the following statement from Mulakami related to the purpose of information collected, its category, its scope of usage and method, and the rights that you can exercise in order to protect personal privacy and support personal information protection. If you have any question related to the privacy statement released by Mulakami, the following notices, or any matter relevant to personal information protection, please contract Mulakami Customer Service Center. Mulakami will reply as soon as possible.


Mulakami privacy statement and the notices included are only applicable to the website that is owned and run by Mulakami. The official Mulakami website may contain many links as well as products or services provided by other partner and individual shops. Please refer to the linked website, partner shop’s website, or website of the individual shop’s for the information of the privacy statement and notices for personal information protection provided by those shops.

Purpose and category of the personal information collected

In order to provide e-commerce service and after-sales service, fulfill legal or contractual obligation, protect the rights and interests of the related party’s or relevant stakeholder’s, implement marketing and customer management & service, and operate businesses in compliance with the business items registered or regulations made by the organization, Mulakami may collect your name, contact details (including but not limited by phone, email, and address), information needed for the completion of payment, IP location, and other personal information that can be used to directly or indirectly identify the user according to the nature of the service. In addition, Mulakami will record user’s IP location and the browsing activities on websites related to Mulakami or on Mulakami’s APP (including but not limited to the software & hardware used by the user, webpage clicked, and APP downloaded) according to the nature of the service in order to enhance service quality. All of the information will only be used for traffic analysis and internet behavior survey in order to improve the service quality provided by websites related to Mulakami or its APP. We won’t get in touch with any specific individual.

Utilization of personal information

The personal information and consumption and transaction data that are sufficient to identity users collected by Mulakami or any other personal information provided by you in the future will only be used internally by Mulakami, be processed and used according to the purpose of collection, for the necessity to complete the service providence or contract obligation, or under the order or request of the relevant legal regulations or from the competent authority (including but not limited to court or Taiwan Checks Clearing House. Unless it is to comply with any of above, Mulakami won’t provide personal information that is sufficient to identify the user to any third party (including domestic and oversea) or use it for any purpose not related to the collection purpose. Mulakami will continue keeping, processing and using relevant information. Within the scope of the above collection purpose, we will provide the personal information collected to vendors that we cooperate with (including but not limited to 91APP which provides this service, logistics providers, or others) in order to assist the completion or termination of the transaction. If it is paid by credit card, it can only be used by the card holder and the transaction will only be completed after verifying the transaction information with the card-issuing bank, acquiring bank, and the card holder. The information collected under the above collection purpose may be transmitted to the location inside or outside your own country for retention or processing and it will only be transmitted to overseas when the situation complies with Act of Personal Information Protection.

Data security

Mulakami will maintain the security of personal information in compliance with the reasonable technology and procedure under industrial standard.

Rights of personal data provider’s

Data provider can request to look up and review the personal information or request a copy of it. If there is any change on your personal information or any incorrect personal information found, you can request modification or correction to Mulakami. You will not be protected by the privacy statement if there is any error or missing information you provided. When the purpose of personal information collection disappears or expires, you can request to delete and stop processing or using your personal data. However, it will not be limited if the information is necessary for Mulakami to execute its duty or business. In response to European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), users at European countries will be suspended from using the service provided by Mulakami t. If you have any questions, please contact Mulakami t Customer Service Center.


In order for the convenience of the user’s, Mulakami website may access to the cookies saved on the user’s computer. Users can cancel or limit the function through setting up the browser. However, it might cause the malfunction of part of the website functions. If you would like to know how to cancel or limit the function, please contact Mulakami Customer Service Center.

Advertising function of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been installed in the service. The function is only used for Mulakami to analyze the effectiveness of advertisement release and to optimize usage procedure. If you would like to stop Google Analytics, it is suggested that you should refer to the method of non-disclosure information provided by Google to stop the function.。


If you are not willing to provide personal information required for service and transaction to Mulakami or do not agree Mulakami to collect, process, use and transmit internationally the relevant personal information in accordance with the legal regulations, the privacy statement, the relevant notices, Mulakami will respect your decision. However, you may not be able to use the service or complete relevant transaction depending on the nature or condition of the service. Mulakami will reserve the rights of whether agreeing to provide the relevant services or complete relevant transaction.

Rights for modification

Mulakami has the rights to modify the privacy statement and relevant notices at any time as well as announces the modification on Mulakami website without sending individual notice. You can read the modified privacy statement and relevant notices on Mulakami website at any time.